Friday, February 11, 2011

A Short Family History... With Pictures!!!!

In this history I am going to focus on Carson and I and our kids. But along the way we had amazing support of awesome friends and faithful, loving family. Without whom our beautiful wedding wouldn't have been what it was, and without whom our family would not have the flavor that it does.
Thank you lovely people so much.

Carson and I were internet buddies for years. I think I was somewhere in the vicinity of 13 or 14 years old and Carson was 15 or 16 when we met in an online chat room.
Time passed, and time passed and yadda yadda.

Carson went on his mission to Utah in 2004, I was in Denver at the time. Shortly thereafter I also moved to Utah to meet someone's family.

About the time all that had boiled, simmered, and settled, and was about to be done with Carson was done with his mission. We met in person the last day of his mission and I knew before he did that we would end up married. Actually, I knew before we met in person. Sweet story for another time.

Time kept going and we were friends, I stayed in Utah and he went back to Canada (August 2006).

Near to Valentine's Day 2007 we had finally realized we wanted to marry each other. I took a trip up to meet Carson's family and he proposed.

<--- He had just proposed. I had an overnight flight "To make the most of our time." And we were both a little past tired.

<- Engaged us, visiting.

We visited back and forth a few times all the while planning the wedding and making plans for moving. We visited people in Colorado and Utah.

We were married in June of 2007 in the Vernal Utah Temple.
We had tons of family and friends there with us.
It was a beautiful day.
We had a reception the next day in Craig. It was AMAZING, and beautifully done.
On Father's day we headed out to make our trip up to Northern Alberta.

Along came baby #1 in short order. Eleanor Lois, named after my Grandmother Lois.
Though with her we waited for the gender until she was born.

I had her in the local hospital. Artificial rupture of membranes, epidural and episiotomy.
I was so glad when we got to take her home.
Then Ellie turned one.
And that summer we were expecting Baby #2.
Gideon Daniel was born in February of 2010 at home with Daddy and his Grandma Kim in attendance. I couldn't have asked for a better labor or birth. It was the highlight of 2010.

I was sad when we had to go to the hospital.
The ultrasounds had missed his case of Bladder exstrophy.
So when he was 2 weeks old he had a surgery, to repair it and a 4 week hospital stay.

We changed his name to Gabriel Carson. While he and I were in the hospital,
Ellie stayed in our hometown with her Grandparents Pratt while her daddy worked.
We came home! Well, actually that is a picture from before his surgery... But all the other's have other folks in them, and I know quite a few people who have specific preferences for face time on the internet. But the idea is about the same.
Ellie turned 2!
And Carson hit a moose!
But don't worry, he is OK. Though that picture is a "before the incident" picture too... But I promise, it applies.

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